Lauer, James Booth, Sandrow M & Will Dubner, Jules Etienne


The Dresden based label Uncanny Valley celebrates its catalogue number 50 with a compilation series that stretches over several records1. That’s also a return to the beginnings of the label, which started in 2010 with four compilation records.

The first record of the series is already a foretaste of an upcoming summer. With FANTA KORN TANKER Hessen’s Golden Boy Lauer stomps through the club, while letting the magic speak through keys. SUMMER INTERLUDE by James Booth is playing out on an entire range of feelings, banging hard and showing off the European producer’s Pop music sensibilities as well.
On side b we have the two Dresden based producers Sandrow M and Will Dubner with their fun and funky bass line monster DISCO SCHLAMBONI. While Sandrow M is already established on the label with two solo EPs under his belt, it’s the first outing from not-so-new-comer Will Dubner. Another new face is Berlin’s Jules Etienne who contributes DUDE’S DEN, a first class Disco affair, complete with beguiling vocals and arousing percussions.