Sandrow M

Sandrow M is no stranger to the adventure playground of Dresden's subculture. Having been born with a knack for melody and rhythm at an early age, he swapped Bach and Mozart scores for his first machines and computers at the end of his childhood. He actually likes to go into the studio alone to make music, even if this preference doesn't exactly make sense at first. After all, in addition to his solo releases and mini-world hits like "Prayervan" or "Space Dancer", he has repeatedly collaborated with interesting artists of various genres throughout his career. He produced and released music with ETUI label maker Insect O. He also launched the C-Beams project with Tina Slotta and Break SL. Both collaborations that he also brought to the club in various live constellations. The track "Disco Schlamboni" most recently appeared on his home base Uncanny Valley label, created with Will Dubner during an intense studio session.

But club music, vinyl and synths represent only one facet of his creative musical world. In 2014, the radio play "Die Dörte und der Unkönig Willy" (The Dörte and the Unkönig Willy) was created in collaboration with Dresden author Max Rademann and artists from Uncanny Valley. It included with it a children's book of the same name. Max and Sandrow still present the story live with archaic overhead projectors and child-friendly soundscapes from time to time. Composition work for dance and theatre productions also occupies an integral part of his creative energy, among others for the Berlin choreographer Yaron Shamir. This can result in piano ballads, melancholic cello pieces, symphonic orchestral music, surreal soundscapes and action movie soundtracks. It can also be a very profane imitation of a village band if necessary. It's challenges like these that Sandrow loves and which he also likes to master alone in his not absolutely quiet studio chamber.

Sandrow M · Fuerst Last (Live At Alaunhall)

Sandrow M - Prayervan (80s VHS Version) from Uncanny Valley Records on Vimeo.

Alex Ketzer - Falling Off (Sandrow M Remix) from Uncanny Valley Records on Vimeo.