Release Insight: UV50.1 – Jules Etienne

It’s not that long ago that we met Jules Etienne. Well, actually we first heard his track “Dude’s Den”, which we immediately fell in love with. How good that the born Frenchman turned out to be a great guy all around, too. It was clear that we would absolutely integrate “Dude’s Den” on our UV50.1-comp.

Since we always attach great importance to the small talk competence of our listeners, we thought it would be interesting to compile some background information to each release. So, here’s Jules Etienne talking about how the track came into being.

How did the record come about? How and when did you produce the tracks?

I was considering to produce an album and I had a few tracks already but all of them were quiet laid back and not pop enough. So I started a track that was more pop music that the other: dude’s den. The original idea was to produce a track with no pad in the background and i succeded it seems.

Was there a musical premise or sounds you wanted to approach?

Yes, this track is strongly inspired from Suzy Q called “Get On Up & Do It Again” and especially the break with this monosynth bass.

Is there anything special that connects you to Uncanny Valley? A record, a party or something like that?

I know it is quiet standard but I love the track “Fahrt durch Tal”, it is one of my favorite track from the last years. 🙂