Chino, Johannes Albert, Lake People, RVDS


After Brexit, we thought it would be a brave attempt to snatch the Queen’s interpretational sovereignty over the colour purple. So, we have named our new record just like that. Of course, this is only half the truth, as we named all six other UV050 compilation records after colours as well. The purple one, this one right here, is the second to last, completely with the wonderful artwork by Leipzig’s Doppeldenk and four tracks to dance your ass off to.

Krakow’s Chino shows us how to balance perfectly between straightforward urgency and mystic playfulness. His acidic FORBIDDEN VOICES sports just the right amount of chaos to make you go crazy on the dancefloor. Being a spiritual brother for a long time, it’s actually the first time Berliner Johannes Albert releases on Uncanny Valley with his VISION UTOPIA, a subtle House bomb, that pushes just the right buttons to trigger your desire to escape into cosmos.

Also from Berlin comes Lake People, who does what he does best with ROAMING THE STREETS: A subtle and razor-sharp track that points out that good dance music can sweeten your life everywhere, not only in the club. Finally, RVDS, one of Hamburg’s finest, blesses us with MOON OPERATOR, a deep and masterful dive into sonic sceneries that no one has ever listened to before. Except of course for your expert friends, who claim to have heard even the most obscure dreamy Acid track.