Release Insight: PURPLE

Curtain up for our little Small Talk format “Release Insight” that we publish to each new record. Three of four artists on PURPLE are talking about their respective tracks in their own words. So, it’s just like you would’ve met them at a party and they told you about the tracks. First hand information. 🙂

Chino – Forbidden Voices

“It’s probably the longest rising track I’ve ever made. Long time ago I recorded a one-track jam with the main synth lines. It was forgotten for a while but once I found it and sampled it to my OT. I played it a lot during my live sets and somehow knew that it needs to be finished one day. Once I cut a live version of the track from some recording — just to listen to it in the car and maybe get some ideas how to arrange it. I think I gave that version to Olivia in some folder and she played it in one of her podcasts. I think that’s how Conrad heard it and asked me about this one. Drums are different in the final track, but that’s how it got to the purple UV50 with some really nice companion.”

Johannes Albert – Vision Utopia

“I rarely do electro or broken beat music. Don’t really know why but it’s a fact. So my unique offering for Uncanny Valley has a broken 808/606 twisted beat and delivers an acid line. In the back you hear some shattered, far out voices. The title comes from a postcard hangin in our corridor. What’s your vision of utopia?”

RVDS – Moon Operator

“The track was made with my friend Just von Ahlefeld aka Dionne (from Smallpeople) while I had a bad hangover. It was very rainy and dark outside, so this atmosphere was a bit kept inside the track. As we finished the track, the rain stopped and the moon came out.“