Jacob Stoy

With his tracks for Uncanny Valley Jacob Stoy has quickly proven that he’s more than the nestling from the boonies. The young chap has played on his guitar extensively during his youth and listened to a lot of Jazz from early on what audibly affects the House tracks he produces nowadays. We were blown away by his fast musical development which led into a greatly performed and arranged live set. It almost seems that he has never done anything else.

Jacob was born in Rabenau, a small and quaint suburb of Freital which then again is a suburb of Dresden. With his best friend Felix Meyer he moved from the small village playground right into the nightlife of Dresden. He first introduced himself to a wider audience by showing his talent in creating some of Uncanny Valley’s best flyers and later with his contribution to the UV010 compilation. His track “S51” was written in reminiscence of his love for old GDR mopeds. His first solo release, the wonderful Redenswart EP, followed at the end of 2012. It was in 2013 when he contributed the track “Inspektor” for UV015 and one year later he returned with his second EP “Teilstück”.

Jacob Stoy · JS – ISO – Track 06

Jacob Stoy - S51 from Uncanny Valley Records on Vimeo.

Jacob Stoy - Gegenwart from Uncanny Valley Records on Vimeo.

Jacob Stoy - Hauswart from Uncanny Valley Records on Vimeo.