Jacob Stoy


“Teilstück” (German for part or segment) is the next excerpt of Jacob Stoy’s ongoing attempt to translate his surroundings into music. It’s his second EP for Uncanny Valley and is even more multifaceted than his debut “Redenswart” from 2012.

With “OMG” you’ll get the feeling that something sublime will happen right from the beginning. It’s one of those tracks whereby time stands still until a mighty synth-line unfolds in all its glory. “CFM” comes in the same musical vein with a similar and slightly melancholic bass-synth dominating the drumming. By far more cheerful is “MKM”. Based on a catchy bass line foundation, Jacob Stoy showcases wonderful synth-effects and sound with the beautifully oscillated pad making the cut. This is House music for machine lovers.

The flipside starts with “HIM” and probably the most floor-friendly track on the record. The slowly but steadily rising organ chords prepare things and when the carefully targeted percussion elements come in, it feels like summer will never end. In contrast, “QFL” lives from its mysterious atmosphere and is very good example for Jacob Stoy’s preference to use Electronica-like sounds for his House Music. The record is rounded up with “HHM” and a little nod towards past times when he used to play in a Jazz band. With its Delay effects, a fuzzy guitar and a great bass melody it’s not far away from Krautrock either.

For the artwork Jacob Stoy teams up with fellow student Chris Dietzel.