Uncanny Valley in Berlin

Uncanny Valley in Berlin

We're returning to Berlin on November 11th! With a selected lineup of the most notorious DJs, including Alice in Flames, Elena Sizova, Conrad Kaden, and Carl Suspect, we invite you to join us on an exhilarating journey into the heart of the Uncanny Valley. Prepare to immerse yourself in dance music specially crafted for extraterrestrial minds. The electrifying experience will be taken up a notch with a captivating live performance by Credit 00, promising to create an irresistible, never-ending sonic vortex. We are poised for a special extraction, and we invite you to follow us deeply into the enigmatic realm of the Uncanny Valley.

  • Date:


  • Location:
    Arkaoda Berlin
    Karl-Marx Platz 16
    12043 Berlin, Germany

    Starts from 11pm