Carl Suspect

Starting in the mid-nineties, there were a lot of short-lived off-locations in Dresden’s vibrant Drum’n’Bass-Scene which were perfect surroundings for those dark-mechanical tones. Carl Suspect dived deeply into this sometimes shady industrial setting. After he got from Broken Beat and Warp Electronica into Techno and especially early Kanzleramt Records, it were those parties which were groundbreaking for his own musical perception. He discovered that electronic music can only be intense, if it lets you forget about its originator, genre limits and conventions. Thus, to create this kind of listening experience is his first concern when he is playing dance music.

He’s also one of the Uncanny Valley-chiefs, managing not only the everyday work but especially the label’s visual presentation. Doing that, he always strives to realise the initial idea of the label;. to create a network for interaction between artists of different disciplines whereas it doesn’t matter if a record, a flyer or a video work will be the result of this interaction.

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