Credit 00

The Living Room Life EP

Uncanny Valley continues to introduce more artists from the valley with their own solo EP. With UV008 it’s Credit 00 who’s put on the map. The Dresden resident delivers four ice cold Chicago inspired cuts, with hints of acid and electro, straight out of his machines which will make every synth aficionado’s mouth water.

“Another Me” is, by Credits standards, an almost intimate jam, which shows that House can be a decent funky affair. In “The Clave Problem” you’ll get an extensive bassline before synths that seem to come directly out of a hurdy-gurdy from hell add the right dose of gloom.

The B-Side is started off with “The Living Room Life”, a hard rocking track that comes like an acoustic exploration of sophisticated sound and drum ideas. The final “Brio’s Theme” is a weird and slightly menacing sci-fi work that only needs a proper movie.

And again a new cover artist, Credit’s longtime buddy Geprg Hpfmann.

Credit 00 - The Living Room Life from Uncanny Valley Records on Vimeo.