Soft Rock Special Part Six

Uncanny Valley · Uncanny Valley Radio 085 - Soft Rock Special Part Six

With a high profile Yacht Rock documentary coming up, it's about time for UV Radio to do an update on the super smooth but also whitest genre alive. Gunnar and Philipp have met up in the studio for the sixth time to play new and old soft rock treasures beyond the canon. Out came a fun but little messy show with a bunch of heartwarming music. Cast off, sailors!


  • Imagination - Morning Lights

  • Ron Eliran - Sky Dust Drifter

  • Roger Allan Hughes - The Cosmic Fool

  • Billy Swan - Don't Be Cruel

  • Jay Day - Long Way Home

  • Guy Maxwell - Watch Out Sally

  • Miller Miller Miller & Sloan - Key to my heart

  • Geiri Beird - Backside of the Desert

  • Loggins & Messina - Pathway to Glory

  • Bernie Leadon - Glass Off

  • Common Saints -Summer Sun

  • John Carroll Kirby feat. Laraaji - Dawn of New Day

  • Destroyer - Savage Night At The Opera

  • Barnaba - Bianco e Nero

  • Tim Green - Got More Love

  • Upstairs - Get On A Plane

  • Zambo - Bremerhaven altes Haus

  • Denny Guy - Say You'll Be With Me

  • Pure Essence - Third Rock