Jacob Stoy


Jacob Stoy’s OVERLOAD is here. It is a long-running and crucial project in the Berlin musician and graphic designer's artistic output. What began as a multi-dimensional art project about the over-presence of stimuli hammering our consciousness in the days of late capitalism evolved into a fascinating musical field study into the deep canyons of future IDM, lo-fi wave, freakfolk and everything in between.

The album is a piece of conceptual art that uses sound and music to reflect on the modern information society and our relationship to digital content. Lost in the endless stream of sensations, we are not only plagued by fears of missing out on relevant information, but also increasingly by addictive behavior in the form of a permanent longing for content. Despite the constant oversupply, these relationships lead to loneliness, social isolation and the inability to make decisions.

Almost inevitably, the musical spectrum on OVERLOAD is extraordinarily broad, ranging from state-of-the-art IDM to lo-fi wave sketches, hip-hop stumblings and freakfolk miniatures through to twisted ambient. Nevertheless, it is surprisingly cohesive and works well as a cure for digital overload in a kind of conceptual irony. It is an album that will inevitably cast a spell over listeners.

A very limited physical edition of the album has been designed and manufactured with love and care by Jacob Stoy. It comes in the form of a handmade twelve-sided booklet that consists of eleven printed transparent foils and the CD in a protective sleeve.

But Jacob Stoy's album is by no means the end of the OVERLOAD concept. The ideas are being continued on the project's website and in various artistic contributions. Jacob Stoy has asked many friends how they would translate their thoughts on the subject into individual works of art. Many exhibits have already been submitted, with many more to come. The project will ultimately culminate in a concept exhibition that brings together all the contributions and creates a dialog between them.