Mix and Interview for Carhartt WIP

We have recorded an all-Uncanny Valley Mix for Carhartt and were interviewed about the development and creation of our label. It provides you with an insight into how we tackle the challenges of the times.

We went through our back catalog together and selected our favorites along with a few forgotten gems. It's a cross-section of the label's history and includes some tracks from our sublabels as well. Carl Suspect then mixed the tracks in his Berlin studio.

Link to the interview

We have always been a very versatile label. There is no single sound that defines Uncanny Valley. The main criterion for a release is that we like the music. With four heads, that's already a pretty tough filter. It has always been challenging trying to pigeonhole us into a specific category. But this was never a conscious decision, rather a culmination of the differing tastes and artistic understandings of four individuals.
Uncanny Valley
Uncanny Valley Mix for Carhartt
Carhartt Work in Progress · Carhartt WIP Radio January 2024: Uncanny Valley


  • 01. Mr. Incognito - Wheel of Fortune (Rat Life)
  • 02. Cuthead - Tranquility Base (Uncanny Valley)
  • 03. Citizen Funk - Chicago Pizza (Uncanny Valley)
  • 04. Massimiliano Pagliara - The Empty Room (Uncanny Valley)
  • 05. Credit 00 - Breakers Revenge (feat. Sarah Stammburg & Max Rademann)
  • 06. Jacob Stoy - Gray Sun Environment (Uncanny Valley)
  • 07. Chinaski - Lifetime (Uncanny Valley)
  • 08. Jacob Korn - Fun Block (Uncanny Valley)
  • 09. Charlotte Bendiks - Pasco (Uncanny Valley)
  • 10. Perel - Monteiro Da Costa (Uncanny Valley)
  • 11. Chino - IP (shtum)
  • 12. Chino - Carabo Cruise (Uncanny Valley)
  • 13. Pagan Rites - Torpedo Ahead (Rat Life)
  • 14. CVBox - Past The Eclipse (Uncanny Valley)
  • 15. Leibniz - Foolish (Uncanny Valley)
  • 16. Cuthead - Party Chords (Uncanny Valley)
  • 17. Jacob Stoy - Overload (Uncanny Valley)
  • 18. Avalon Emerson - Constantly My Cure (shtum)
  • 19. Inga Mauer - Dystopia (shtum)
  • 20. Cuthead - The Poncho Intro (Uncanny Valley)
  • 20. Alphonsine Koh - No Need For Speed (Uncanny Valley)