Forget Puss in Boots, the Cheshire Cat or Grumpy Cat. Meet Karlsson, who receives a colorful tribute by Perel on her first record for the Dresden-based label Uncanny Valley. After all, there is nothing better than the soothing purr of your own personal tomcat to come down from exhausting DJ gigs and studio sessions.

The title track is a fiery excursion into rave heaven covered with Italo-flags. While Perel goes manta-like about a diet for KARLSSON, listeners are wrapped in anthemic synths. MONTEIRO DA COSTA on the other hand is a paranoid love letter to Perel’s best friend and a lesson in causing dance mania. The synths continue to spiral upwards to the point where there is no coming back.

On the flipside, KARLSSON gets the remix treatment twice. First, BLOODY MARY tucks him into a compelling and classic acid corset. KIM ANN FOXMAN then recreates Karlsson as a toy robot that just discovered house music.