Merry Ambient Christmas Part Eight

As always at Christmas, Philipp gives you 90 minutes of contemplation with the annual Ambient Special. A lot has happened again this year in the land of wallpaper music, with Ambient taking another decisive step towards dominating pop music with new sounds and exciting artists. A development that will probably continue next year, apparently also because people are in good need of all forms of escape from reality right now. If you feel this too, be sure to check out part one to seven. And by the way, the cover is an impression of the beautiful Coyote Buttes in Arizona. Merry Ambient Christmas everyone!

Uncanny Valley · Uncanny Valley Radio 086 - Merry Ambient Christmas Part Eight


  • Lara Sarkissian - Eternal Repose (Original)

  • Torus - Sound Of The Drums VIP

  • Caterina Barbieri - Canticle of Cryo

  • Loraine James - The Perception of Me (Crazy Nigger)

  • Ulla - Creepy Girl

  • Astrid Sonne - Ephemeral III

  • DJ Python - B2. Club Sentimiental Vol Three

  • Carmen Villain, Arve Henriksen - Gestures

  • Gi Gi - Dawn Song

  • Rachika Nayar - Gayatri

  • The Soft Pink Truth - Is It Going To Get Any Deeper Than This (Dark Room Mix)

  • Huerco S. - Plank X

  • Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross - We Should Feel Something

  • Sofie Birch - Observatory

  • Yutaka Hirose - Reflection