Massimiliano Pagliara

Connection Lost Pt.2

For the second part of his “Connection Lost” series Massimiliano Pagliara teaches a lesson in how to translate Disco music in a modern language of sound.

Without further ado “Trying To Hide But Then I Cried” comes across as pure dance floor material. Above a drum-fueled foundation various synths swell up and down while the bassline is pumping steadily for an irresistible groove. “If You Were Here” on the other hand benefits from similar ingredients but has a rather dreamy feel to it. Thanks to its elegiac pads and pensive synth melodies.

“Ukulele Groove” takes its time to build things up but when the bassline and those distinctive synth stabs come in you can’t help but hope for a never ending summer. The final word here is “No More Love To Follow” featuring the vocal talents of Matthew Morris, a slow progressing, gloomy Disco ode to the ups and downs of love.

As for the first part of “Connection Lost” the artwork was created once again by Alexander Dorn a.k.a. Credit 00.