Steve Kasper

Drift EP

It’s about time that Dresden based Steve Kasper comes around with his first solo EP on Uncanny Valley. After “Unvexed Dub” on UV010 and “Puli Kali (Rooted Dub)” together with Götterkreis on UV020 EP he provides four original cuts that extend the label’s sound with some UK flavour.

“Helms Klamm” isn’t quite the battlefield you expect from the title but a fine UKish House affair with warm synths and a distinctive bass line that will cause a stir on the dance floor. Then there is “Slo’fool (Ydee Dirtsocks Reset)” which starts mysteriously tempered and develops into a hell of a tune with its drone-like synths. “Good Old” showcases Steve’s knack for combining ingredients of the UK Hardcore Continuum. Good old it is. Finally, the dubby track that has to be on a coherent Steve Kasper-EP is “Rooted (TRVE Dub)”. No doubt: Steve knows his masters.

The wonderful artwork was created by Thomas Neugebauer.