CVBox & Micha Freier


After “Trawler Crossing” in 2013, CVBox teams up with long time companion and musical soul mate Micha Freier for his next record. “Transparency” is CVBox through and through with long meandering bass lines and spacey synth climaxes. Techno jams that you can dance to with closed eyes.

The first track “Blinking Lights” rides on a warm bass line, which is accompanied by perky synth swirls before a subtle but ultra effective snare comes in halfway through. “Bad Gate Way” is less straightforward but with its stuttering beats and spooky pads it recalls a time when Techno was all about trying out new things and creating ambiances that you can literally dive into.

“Playwatch” comes with delay-driven synths and grasping rhythms and builds up to a majestic Techno track that is heavy on the dance floor. Finally, “XOXO“ lurks around at first before it gets you with irresistible pads that bring things to a peaceful end. This is machine music with soul.

The cover artwork was created by photographer Felix Adler from Leipzig.