Late Nite Safari

Scherbe is back on Uncanny Valley with his second full length EP. After his recent contribution to the UV20-compilation and a record on Fourth Wave he returns with the aptly titled “Late Nite Safari” and shows off again his knack for rumbling beats and fuzzy synths.

“Poison Hillz” builds up on steamy percussions and a slowly rising bass line arpeggio that unfolds completely when the hi-hat drops in. You won’t notice that wonderful synth pad coming but when it’s there everything sounds right in place. “Long Time No Sea” is based on cowbell-heavy beats and tiny xylophone sounds. Completed by a yearning vocal sample and catchy guitar licks it keeps your head nodding. Scherbe’s unique drum programming makes it stand out from most of the typical Deep House tracks and he makes sure that all the elements flow together into his distinctive groove.

On the flipside, “Mosqito Beach” creates a tropical atmosphere with bird-like tones and sound textures of high humidity. With a piano loop rising up and down plus deranged organ sounds he brings things to a pretty mysterious end. Finally, “Specimen” is no exception to Scherbe’s stuttering beats. Also, the tropical feeling is still there thanks to a distorted vocal sample that sounds like a frog. And with the beautiful piano melody combined with a tender flute the track ends on an almost old school House vibe.

Once again, Uncanny Valley’s very own Carl-Johannes Schulze aka Carl Suspect takes care of the record’s artwork. He took the EP’s title literally and set out into the Saxon woods to visualize his idea of what a late night safari could look like.