Jardin Du Midi EP

Uncanny Valley introduces the next artist from the UV010 compilation with his solo debut. This time it’s Scherbe and his “Jardin Du Midi-EP”. And what he delivers is pure Deep House goodness.

First of all, “College Dropout” makes clear that a lashing snare can never be wrong. With that infectious xylophone loop and slightly devilish strings dropping out of college doesn’t sound like the worst option. “Arts Of Moving Butts” fulfils what the name suggests. Even though those butts have to move very skilfully while dancing to such a lurching rhythm.

“Jardin du Midi” is another perfect example that it sometimes just needs a catchy House beat and masterful sample work. Combining such a wonderful vocal snippet and those typical railway drums is Scherbe to the core. “Endlezz Cinema” on the other hand is an absolute earwig. The bass line won’t leave your head for quite a while. Lovely strings and folky background guitars help to keep the magic.

The artwork is by courtesy of Uncanny Valley’s very own Carl-Johannes Schulze aka Carl Suspect.

Scherbe - Jardin Du Midi from Uncanny Valley Records on Vimeo.