Various Artists

UV Limited 01

It is a point of honour that Uncanny Valley contributes a release to the Record Store Day in Berlin to support the record store-concept in general. After all Dresden’s Fat Fenders was one of the spots in which the UV-posse was formed.

For this record Uncanny Valley goes back to the initial concept of the compilation EPs, which was primarily created to support Dresden’s talents. Nevertheless, the artists involved here are in no way newcomers. Rather they can be classified as electronic eremites who are up to every trick on their machines.

Mayan Gold and Selfcontained remain anonymous for now, though they would have to tell a lot of stories considering their long lasting activities in Techno and Electro. But who needs identities, if you get miracles like “Intergalactic Traveller”, Mayan Gold’s soundtrack for the journey to Utopia, or Selfcontained’s whipping “’#23”.

Already known for his contribution to the third Uncanny Valley-Record should be One Day In Metropia, whose “Avalanche” is rocking hard and precisely in finest Electro- manner. Echology on the other hand is a newcomer. In “Peekaboo” the heaven is full of great samples and field-recordings. There was a time when people would have called it Electro-Folk.