Panthera Krause

Umami EP

Panthera Krause has already introduced his music via EPs on Lobster Theremin and Riotvan and his contribution “Coochie” for Uncanny Valley’s 5 Years compilation. On the “Umami EP”, his first solo record for the Dresden based label, the Leipziger is back with an adventurous yet cheerful collection of tracks. He is a producer who is totally up for any influences. But in the end originality has to be the main focus.

The title track has already made rounds on numerous dance floors and proved to be an irresistible organ House monster. Panthera Krause’s tracks wiggle within the zone between epic floor moments and abstract beat structures like in the mighty “Z-Cuts” or in the flute-induced “Howling For July”. Finally, „The Space Between Us” is an emotional ride through the twilight of eternal loss and extravagant hope.
The artwork was created by Lisa Geue.

Panthera Krause - The Space Between Us from Uncanny Valley Records on Vimeo.