Jacob Stoy

Łužyca Bambaataa / Graef

Uncanny Valley is back with a tape that dives deeply into the musical underground of Lusatia, an area not far away from the label’s home base Dresden. Expect analogue extravaganza with a punk attitude by two mysterious artists from the region of the Slavic sorbs. 

During the slow building odyssey that is LIVE IN NOCHTEN, it creaks and groans like the wind that shakes the giant F60 overburden conveyor bridge in the Lusatian coalfields. For this jam, the elusive figure that goes by the name of Łužyca Bambaataa and usually hides in the back room of a hair salon, has wired together countless worn-out synthesizers and recorded a soundtrack to the surroundings. But others claim, that Łužyca Bambaataa is the street name of a complex character who fully immersed into some gear that a youth center in Hoyerswerda acquired with left-over EU fundings. 

After the cassette has been turned, things get even more serious with Graef’s first outing of his electronic alter ego. The four killer tracks range from the dance floor anthem GAIVAL via the almost cosmic ghost song HAUNTING VOYAGE and the brutal drum heavy monster R0GU3 D3L4M41N to the fascinating IDM study SOLIFUGE. Born Benjamin Butter to his parents in Hoywoy, he nowadays is a full-blown artist who adds a colorful DIY edge to all the different art forms he puts his hands on. 

The artwork was created by graffiti artist Techr.