Various Artists

Acid Adams presents Acid Reflux

Dresden-based DJ and producer Acid Adams collects four acid monsters, both from the glorious nineties and from a multi-layered present. The result is a record that dives deep into acid wonderland and bridges the gap between scene’s veterans and the new generation. 

After Acid Adams discovered two forgotten acid tracks from the early nineties while digging for new music, the plan for this compilation slowly matured. While it was meant to be a tribute to every bird’s favorite genre, it shouldn’t be just a showcase for older tracks. Therefore, two new tracks were added to join the tracks by Nihilist and ADSX which have never been released on vinyl before. Each of the new productions is inspired by one of the older tracks, not in the sense of a remix or edit, but as a kind of homage to that particular squawking analog sound we all know and love. The energy and pace of these four unique tracks reaches from ambient to dance floor focused bangers.

According to the circumstances of scene and society at that time, the two older tracks were produced by (cis)men. That’s why, it was especially important to Acid Adams that the new tracks were produced by flinta* artists: softcoresoft is a DJ and producer from Canada, who has already released on Lobster Theremin. With Ida Bux, a native of Bautzen who now lives and works in Berlin, we connect the dots to a younger generation that is getting back into analog production setups. Both artists have in common that they have dealt extensively with the oldschool sound of the 90s in shaping their own sounds.

To round off the release properly, Saxony based illustrator frieedland has designed a matching sticker in the typical 90s style. And for those who can't get enough of acid: There's a digital bonus track by ADSX.


A1 originally released on Nihilist: »Sibyl And Her Prophecies« (CD, after 6 am, 1994, Germany), written and produced by Tiziano S. Cerrone. Despite all efforts, we weren't able to contact the producer. If you read this, Tiziano, please get in touch with the label:

A2 written and produced by Leticia Trandafir, 2022

B1 originally released on Various Artists: »Always Believe In The Underground - Vol. 1« (CD, Generator Records, 1992, Germany), written and produced by Andre Fischer.

B2 written and produced by Sophia Ziesch, 2022

ADSX – IDS written and produced by Andre Fischer

Published by Copyright Control, except Magnetic and IDS which are published by Aural Editions.