Joel Alter

Having grown up in a small place called Sävedalen just outside of the Swedish Gothenburg, Joel Alter spent much of his youth with fishing and sailing with his father or going out in the woods. To this day his love for nature and that certain Swedish melancholia is an important part of his life and particularly his music. Joel took early lessons in Electronic Music at the local music store where he was trying out all the synthesizers he could get his hands on. He started to go to raves when he was 16 years. So the early 90’s Techno will always have a place in his heart. While exploring Jazz, Funk and Disco he was heavily influenced by Massive Attack, Depeche Mode and Hip-Hop. And after listening to the Roni Size-Track “Timestretch” he dived deep into Dum’n’Bass for his first steps into DJing simply because there were no DJs playing Drum‘n’Bass in Gothenburg at that time.

After coming to Berlin in 2008, he pretty much blessed every club in town with one of his eclectic DJ sets ranging from House to Techno. But still he would state his background and record collection as much bigger influences than Berlin itself. He is totally taken up in being a DJ as he always understood his music as a way to connect with other people. Having released numerous records on labels like Sweatshop and Bass Culture he also produced two highly acclaimed albums with his Swedish companion Henrik Jonsson under the moniker Jonsson/Alter. But it’s the release of his solo debut album “Heart” on Uncanny Valley in 2015 that shows Joel Alter in all of his personal und musical facets.

Uncanny Valley · 01 Joel Alter - Broken Chord (preview)
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