Purity is his thing. To obtain and pursue the purity of the sound of electronic gear is what drives CVBox forward. When he became aware of Detroit, Acid, Dubtechno und Electro whilst attending a lot of Techno parties in the nineties, he bought his first analogue equipment, maybe because he felt that some of those tracks that were played at those parties needed improvement or were redundant and he wanted to try to do it better. Vintage Roland and Korg Synths are his constant companions to date. The versatility of his output is somehow united by a deep and audible passion for the instruments he uses. What comes out is music that is both striking and secretive. Sometimes it’s Techno, sometimes it’s Ambient, but mostly it’s somewhere in between. You can hear that melting perfectly on the “Analog Amputations EP” from 2012 and the latest sonic excursion “Transparency” he did together with Micha Freier. In 2017 he submitted his debut album “So ist es im Nadelwald” which was well received by both critics and DJs. And he is a great DJ, whose sets are declarations of love to 90’s Techno without ignoring the latest developments in dance music.

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