Break SL

Sebastian Lohse aka Break SL is one of the youngest members of the Uncanny Valley stable, but possibly the one, that references the musical forbears from Chicago, Detroit and New York most strongly. This reflections which can also be heard in one of his regular DJ-sets still never overshadow his own identity.

One can hear that on his highly acclaimed album “City Wasteland” and the two 12inches for his second home label Philpot, on which he is presenting his trademark jam house sound, that always appears to be recorded live in one take rather than put together step by step. His aptitude for subtle nuances gives birth to a faintly melancholic music that will take you into uncharted territories. For Uncanny Valley he made his debut with ‘Low Light’ on the first compilation and with the ‘Desert Flight EP’ that covered various moods from gloomy to cheerful. Enduringly noticeable are the activities of C-Beams, the project he is running together with labelmate Sandrow M. At the end of 2013 he returned with the special Christmas record “Haisel Stieht”. And one year later it was the EP “Atlantic Ocean Road” which showed Break SL in top form once again.

Uncanny Valley · UV Podcast 020 - Break SL
Break SL · C-Beams - Thumbling (Uncanny Valley 002)

Break SL - Desert Flight from Uncanny Valley Records on Vimeo.