Video Game Soundtrack Special – Indie Games

Uncanny Valley · UV Funk 074: Video Game Soundtrack Special - Indie Games

You don’t have to know what Nintendonitis is to enjoy the music that soundtracks the latest indie video games. There is a lot of creativity going on in these circles, where music and programming often happen hand in hand. Hell, the games are sometimes even created by the same person that is responsible for the music. For this show, Philipp has collected his favourite soundtracks of indie games, which are actually all worth trying out. So, don’t expect great epic AAA orchestral music, but rather synth heavy neon tunes, percussive Vaporwave excursions and gloomy Ambient elegies.

Screenshots in order of the tracklist.


  1. Timecop1983 & Chris Köbke – Purple Skulls’ Theme (Crossing Souls)

  2. LudoWic – Katana ZERO (Katana ZERO)

  3. Fingerspit – Cyclic Redundancy Check (The Red Strings Club)

  4. Disasterpeace – The Resonant Canyon (Hyper Light Drifter)

  5. scntfc – Operation Olympic (Oxenfree)

  6. Scattle – Flatline (Hotline Miami)

  7. Disasterpeace – Nocturne (FEZ)

  8. Pengus – Level 3 Science Fiction (Neon Drive)

  9. Jim Guthrie – Under A Tree – (Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP)

  10. Ben Babbitt – Too Late To Love You – Junebug (Kentucky Route Zero)

  11. Jay Price – House of Lightning (Sleeping Dogs)

  12. Eirik Suhrke – Beneath The Moss (Spelunky 2)

  13. Tomas Dvorak – The Bottom (Machinarium)

  14. Chasman – Wind Fall (Escape from Synth City )

  15. Darren Korb – Twisted Streets (Bastion)

  16. Eirik Suhrke – Dwelling (Spelunky 2)

  17. Darren Korb – Get Used to It (Bastion)

  18. Michiru Oshima, pentagon – Continue (ICO)

  19. Ben Prunty – Space Cruise (Title) (FTL)

  20. Daniel Caleb – Breath (Semblance)

  21. Chris Zabriskie – Stories About the World That Once Was (Neptune Flux)

  22. Berlinist – Descent (Gris)