Release Insight: YELLOW

Curtain up for our little Small Talk format “Release Insight” that we publish to each new record. All of the five artists on YELLOW are talking about their respective tracks in their own words. So, it’s just like you would’ve met them at a party and they’ve talked to you about the tracks. First hand information. 🙂

Cuthead – Party Chords

“I still remember quite well when I did this track. I was in Nantes, waiting for a gig and had the feeling that my live set might need some rework. Something fun and energetic for the club. So I started experimenting with some breaks and samples in my hotel room. The good thing about this pre-gig productions is, that there is no distraction, no equipment to choose from, no overthinking of every element, just the computer and 40 Minutes to go. I finished the raw track in about 40 Minutes and instantly put it in my live set and could see some positive reactions that evening right away. The most important phase is always these first 30 Min. It is the main idea. The remaining work might take 20 times longer, but it usually doesn’t add as much as the first 30 Minutes, so I do a lot of sketches and come back to them later, when they have proven over time.”

Massimiliano Pagliara – Sunset Funk

“This track was written in Berlin, on a free early summer week-end (2019), while watching a beautiful sunset. Yes, I am pretty lucky, as I live on the top floor, where my studio is also located, and I can always look out at the sky while working on music. I have seen some of the most amazing sunsets ever since I have lived in this building, that’s to say for the last 15 years. With that vision and memories of my adventures in beautiful sunny California, I wrote this track, trying to bring you warmth and funkiness.”

Dürerstuben – Iwesu Yewisu

“This track was made around summer 2016. As David started working with a singer this was originally supposed to be one of the instrumentals for that project. It didn’t make the cut but years later we rediscovered it and started reworking the idea. In the end we liked it a lot as an instrumental track. Seems like sometimes things have to go a long way to find their true pupose.”

Panthera Krause – The Naked Now

“‘The Naked Now’ is already five years old. I made this track after listening for the first time to a set of the Pachanga Boys at Nachtdigital Festival. They played on a sunday noon. I lay in my tent, tired and happy and was thinking to myself: ‘Great stuff! The tension of the this music and how the tracks build up…’ I kept this impression et voilà tout. “

Daniela La Luz – When You Go All In And Wait

“My track “When You Go All In And Wait” was created when I downloaded Max For Live. When I started with the basic beat, I had no concrete plan, except a relaxed mood and a great desire to experiment in a very relaxed way and test the different tools of the program. With this mood I went in the direction of a housy, moody track. At this time I heard a lot of jazz again, so the jazz influence is clearly noticeable.

When jamming I often don’t know exactly where my track is going in stylistic terms. Sometimes I do, but sometimes I don’t, and these productions I like especially because they stay exciting for me until the final mix. No expectations, no plan, no pressure, just artistic freedom.

The allocation of titles follows certain patterns, which are also constantly changing. In this case I just went by the mood and had to think of a casino.

A friend of mine had done a field study on gambling as part of her sociology studies. We went to a casino in the Czech Republic at the time and had each received €50 from the casino bus travel group to gamble. They wanted to get us hooked on. Gambling was not my area of interest, but of course it was exciting. There was blackjack, slot machines and I ended up at the roulette table. My money was gone pretty quick and somehow I didn’t expect that to happen. I sat at the roulette table for some time and watched the people around me. Watching people was and is one of my favourite things in life; it was so exciting!

A friend of mine, who was really lucky and had made 400 out of his 50€, slipped me some more chips. I bet everything on one colour and won! I had my 50€ back in and stopped. I decided to put the money into drinks for all of us and provide us a safe, good time together.

My production refers to this moment. To this mood. Putting all your eggs in one basket can of course also apply to other life situations, so I can think of a variety of scenarios. It’s all about tension, it’s calculation, analysis, skill or pure luck? The order in the chaos and the adrenalin level rises?

In my personal imaginary casino, nobody loses, of course. Everybody wins!

If you go there, leave your money at home, there are a lot of impressions and vibes. Nobody can lose, nobody loses! ‘Rien Ne Va Plus'”