Release Insight: GREEN

Curtain up for our little Small Talk format “Release Insight” that we publish to each new record. All artists on GREEN are talking about their respective tracks in their own words. So, it’s just like you would’ve met them at a party and they told you about the tracks. First hand information. 🙂

Iron Curtis – Against My Window (Dazed Mix)

“Against My Window” is part of a series of tracks I made in the end of 2018. It has that very “crunch” which all of these tracks from this period have. At that time, I had just released my second solo album and I wanted to try a slightly different musical approach than on the album. More straightforward, more club, playable and rollin’. UV felt like the perfect fit as I wanted to contribute to their 50th release anniversary and the track got finished right before I got approached for the festivities. And, I feel in good company! The whole series and entire list of contributors is stunning. I’m a huge fan of Perm and CV Box and so I’m really happy that “Against My Window” made the cut. It’s a family affair!”

Perm – VLIW

To be honest, I don’t really know what to say about the track. It’s pretty old and I can’t properly remember how it was made. There was a time when I wasn’t happy with the track but now in the context of this record, I made my peace with it and learnt to love the track again as the record is top notch.

CVBox – Cat Cut Claps

I cannot say too much about it, because the track isn’t the freshest. The music dates back in 2010, a time where I was meandering between Dresden and Leipzig. “Cat Cut Claps” is a rework, in memory of our beloved felines and tigers at home. I’ve recorded the session in four different versions at the legendary room 2425 in Dresden, just before escaping to Leipzig to get lost in the city’s clubs. Now back in Dresden and from today’s perspective, only the part we have finally chosen is useful. ZE3RA!

Dispo 5000 – Klingenberg

Synthesizer and Guitar jam from August 20, 2017. Half hour piece. Shortened. Exchanged with UV dudes. Feedback. Conrad in particular. Tinkering here and there.

Mastering. Korn. Club check at tba Dresden. works. Second Master. More bangs. Freshly tested on cocktail. Hot. bears liked it. Thanks Korni.

Song is called like a saxonian village.

Record is great because great people. Same genre but diverse. Cover SUPERHOT.

Dispo acied.