Release Insight: BLUE

Curtain up for our little Small Talk format “Release Insight” that we publish to each new record. All artists on BLUE are talking about their respective tracks in their own words. So, it’s just like you would’ve met them at a party and they told you about the tracks 🙂

Credit 00 – Mind Trip

This was actually part of a long recording session from 2010 or 11 or something. I released already two other tracks from this session on Uncanny Valley. If u listen closely to The Living Room Life on my first EP on UV. Or “Red Vine” on the Ice Cream EP. You can hear its from the same recording session. Back then i recorded Master Audio only and cutted things here and there. For “Mind Trip” I wrote and over dubbed some vocals two years ago to get this extra World Peace Chicago House Feeling.

Gnista – Playtime Worktime

“Playtime Worktime” originally began as a jam on my Octatrack around summer ’18. It was around that time that the UV-guys were looking for contributions to the 50th UV and I ended up in one of your rehearsal sessions. After it became clear that this track will be featured on the release the hard work began: In the end I made appr. 30 mixes of the song, mostly because I couldn’t let some of its elements go in favor of a better overall mix. Therefore I was in constant struggle balancing between the original jam and a clean and club-ready mixdown. So when I sent the file for mastering I felt big relief and forgot about the song for a couple of months. And as the TP’s arrived it felt fresh and satisfizing again. 🙂

Also I’m very happy to be in such good company, I know the musical work of Sebastian, Maze, Kai and Alex for quite some time now and they were some of the people I was looking up to when I started getting into music production, I even bought my first mixer from Alex.

But what I love most about the record is it’s diversity, every track has a different background yet the overall package comes together quite well.
Thank you for let me be a part of this! 🙂

AGB – Brecht hat er

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Pic: AGB at work

Break SL – Bye Bye 627

“Bye bye 627” was produced in 2018 and was one of the last tracks I made in my old studio in the center of Dresden. Literally, the excavators rolled during the production. So it’s also the end of an exciting chapter which lasted more than eleven years. Room 627 was my playground where hundreds of tracks arose and also got discarded It was also a meeting place where a lot of great musicians and artists came by for a session or just hanging around. So the track is also a kind of outro for this period of time.

I remember I used a lot of sounds which I created with the Kurzweil K2000R, which Jacob Korn, my friend and studio neighbor, gave to me, in exchange for a Technics 1210 turntable. Still I’m impressed by the amazing sound of VAST-Synthesis which this machine uses. So i never regret this swap.

From time to time I give tracks to Albrecht, Carl, Conrad and Philipp, for getting some feedback. Originally, I was thinking about releasing a new album. Finally the guys picked up some tracks and this track fitted best to the new compilation.

Plus, the artwork by Doppeldenk is really cool. It reminds me on former times when the guys designed the Drunk Magazine of the Distillery Club, in Leipzig. After all these years again it´s a great honor to be on a record together with Credit 00, a companion since a long time, as well as the AGB guys. Also that there is some great music by the high talented guys Gnista and Qnete. I´m really looking forward to spin the fresh record for the people on a fine sound system.

Qnete – In Transit

“In Transit“ was just a number for a long time. “17 7 17” to be precise. I always name my tracks after the date where I started them, so I can find the Ableton project even if I change the final track’s name. It was made during a period where I didn’t produce many tracks. I had just moved to a new place in Bremen, where I lived back then. It was a small room and just not so good to set up my studio properly. I used some drum racks and the pad sound that I had also used for some of the tracks on my “Play-Doh Stories” album. I don’t remember much of the recording process, but the track sounds pretty much how I felt at that time. I like playful melodies, but can easily manage to make playful things sound sad.

Some weeks after I made the track I played at objekt klein a in Dresden. Looking back, that was one of the most memorable sets I ever played. It played outside during sunrise to a packed party. I stayed sober during the night and during my set my girlfriend brought me a coffee that I enjoyed while watching over a dancefloor I had complete control of. At the end of my set, a deckshark called Albrecht Wassersleben (who did not stay sober during the night) asked me if we can play some tracks back to back. I somehow didn’t want to do that, but what can you do about a drunk Albrecht early in the morning? It ended up surprisingly well, and I thought to use the opportunity to play that “17 7 17” track I had just made. Albrecht seemed to like it, maybe he doesn’t remember – but I did! So I sent it to the rest of the UV boys with some other demos. And now it ended up on the record! For some time I didn’t really like the track, maybe because I didn’t like myself from that period of my life. Now I arrived somewhere else and can look back at it that phase and think that it maybe wasn’t as bad as I thought.