Uncanny Valley · UV Podcast 106 - Nishkosheh

Hi Alyssa, thank you for the wonderfully atmospheric contribution to our podcast series. I really like the flow so I'd like to ask where and how was the mix recorded? In what state of mind have you been in?

This mix was recorded in the basement of my new house in Chicago, Illinois. Many days in my recent memory have been filled with grey and rain, the kind where it is hard to draw yourself from the bed. I find myself heading to the basement more in these times because it is a place I can spend many hours, completely ignoring the world outside and creating a place of my choosing instead. 

The mix is called "This Struggling Ray of Sunlight is to be Your Last for Years". What's the story behind the title?

I gave these selections the title 'This Struggling Ray of Sunlight is to be Your Last for Years' to remind myself to be grateful. Taken from Etidorhpa, a psychedelic story set in the Midwest that traverses worlds inside worlds, it reminds me of the very first beam of sunlight that comes through the curtains in the morning. What if the last time you saw this light was the last it would appear in your lifetime? 

"This Struggling Ray of Sunlight is to be Your Last for Years" from a book called Etidorhpa by John Uri Lloyd from 1895

What's the state of the electronic music scene you are connected to in Chicago?

Chicago is a source of great inspiration for me. I am surrounded by greats, and am constantly in awe of the raw, honest expressions of music from people like Traxx, sold, Justin Letkeiwitz, M50, Dana, Specter, etc. Moving to the Midwest opened up my community to include so many more cities; my community has grown in leaps and bounds. I have a passion for music that exists outside the confines of a traditional club setting and have met many people who can relate. 

Is there an occasion that triggered your interest to dive deeper into music and to perform in front of an audience?

A music scene has always been where I could be my true self. Coming from a small town on the east coast, going to shows as a teen was my source of refuge and connection to something bigger. The same continues for me in dance music, where I spent many years as an active participant. At some point 7 years ago, I realized that my perceived rules of djing were entirely a fabrication; you can play whatever the hell you want! There is a place for all types of music, and other people want to hear you do it. That idea is what pushes me to share this part of my self; my own unique perspective. My biggest hope is that it resonates with others, as their music has many times for me. 


Ingus Baušķenieks - Mēness Klajumā [Stroom]

BioLogICal-Events - T-otem Trance - [Innovative Communication]

SW. - Untitled D3 [Apollo]

Sie - V-Chip [Pussyfoot]

Transcendental Love Machine - Dragonfly (Feel Like A Daddy) [Hydrogen Dukebox]

Frecuencia 666 - Muñeco de Goma [Glossy Mistakes]

Hanta Yo - The Joker [ZYX]

Exquisite Corpse - BKS [KK]

Rong - DJ Fee [Fee Fee Traxx]

Organizatsiya - Hic et Nunc [Besoins Premiers]

The Gosub Routine - One [Clickclickdrone]

Once11 - Blind Mice [theAgriculture]

New Musik - Chik Music (Instrumental) [Lemon Recordings]

Autonomous Zone - Lost Dimension [MELDAC]

Danieto & Flipper - Inicio [U-Cover Transparente]

Digital Mystery Tour - Chilam Balam [Total Eclipse]

Gel-Sol - Tardigrade [Further]

Takayuki Shiraishi - Countdown [NS-Com]