Massimiliano Pagliara

Uncanny Valley · UV Podcast 043 - Massimiliano Pagliara

What kind of connection was actually lost?

Sometimes you happen to meet great and inspiring people and you feel there could be a special connection with them. Sometimes this is true and it actually happens. You connect with someone. Other times, it is perhaps more some sort of fantasy, an idealisation of a possible and special connection, something like a dream, but in the end the connection doesn’t happen, or if it does, it doesn’t last very long and it will be lost.

There are lots of funny stories of Italians and their first experience with club music. Can you remember when you fell in love with those Disco vibes?

It was definitely when I moved to Berlin that I first got into Disco. And actually not at the very beginning, but after a few years. In fact, when I arrived to Berlin, I really was into techno and the first records that I bought when I started mixing were mainly techno. Then at some point, I had the great chance to meet Mr. Daniel Wang, who was not only the very first one who introduced me to the wonderful world of synthesizers (I will never forget that one private lesson he gave me about the Roland SH – 101, I still have the notes that I took), but also the one who showed me all these great disco classics and I was like: wow!
I then started my disco research and I discovered so many exotic, obscure, groovy records from those years which became some of my all time favourites.

You’re no stranger to humor and romantic love when making music. Do you think that those spices of life are under-represented in the world of Electronic music?

Well, I’m not so sure, but I don’t think so. I mean, I guess love is one of the most important things in life, right? So I suppose I am probably not the only music producer who is trying to talk and express his feelings about it.
For sure, most of my music is about personal and private experiences, and love is definitely a big part of it. Plus I am Italian, so I am quite romantic 🙂

What’s going on with The Rimshooters? And what do you like when it comes to making music with friends?

The Rimshooters which is a project together with the Brazilian producer Rotciv, is not dead.
However, these past two years have been very busy for me and I have been touring a lot. I also had to finish some solo works as well as remixes and some other projects.
So yes, I am pretty sure that, sooner or later, something will happen with that again.

Slow Motion Records · The Rimshooters - Dear Mister - Italian Dance Wave (Disco Quattro)

Generally speaking, I love making music with friends, because it feels like I am sharing something very special and deep, which can enrich the friendship even more.
You can also learn a lot from each other. Sometimes this reminds me of when I was in high school and I loved doing homework with my best friends. It was more encouraging and more fun. Sometimes it was so much fun, that we actually only hung out and didn’t do much homework ;))

How does your background in contemporary dance influence your music?

Dance is still a big part of me. I am still a dancer inside and I still feel very connected to it (connection not lost) ;).
Lately, I have been exercising a lot again. I love making music right after a training session.
My body is energised and my brain is there 100%. It helps me to create some sort of empty space, which I then can fulfil with musical ideas.
Who knows, perhaps one day I will go back to it or perhaps I will be working with some dancers and write some music for a dance piece.
So yeah, somehow I am very thankful that I did this dance/performance education, because I still get a lot from it.

Photo Credits: Robin Kirchner