Luca Bigote

Uncanny Valley · UV Podcast 102 - Luca Bigote

Luca Bigote is the host of the Tiella Sound Radio Show and the ambient-focused Nostalgia Del Futuro series on the Milan-based platform Mondonero. He is involved with multiple music projects, which include curating ritmo night in Berlin, FMUD summer parties in Italy and the event series Esperimenti.

Ciao Luca, where and how was the mix recorded? In what state of mind have you been in?

Ciao guys, first of all thanks for the invite!

I recorded the mix at home in Italy, during holidays, using 2 Technics 1210MKII, a very simple 2-channel mixer and two XDJ700. My last club gig was in January 2020 at Paloma in Berlin and recording this podcast was a perfect occasion to play a more dancefloor-oriented set again: some deep house soundscapes for the start and then a more acid and techno-ish kind of vibe. I followed the feeling and what I imagined was the best way to release stress and thoughts accumulated over these months without playing in front of a crowd. Honestly, I’m very satisfied of the outcome and I hope people will enjoy and dance to it!

What have you been up to recently?

As there was no chance to throw my ritmo party at Klunkerkranich in Berlin and the FMUD nights in Italy, I focused on my podcast series called “Tiella Sound Radio” – thanks once again for contributing, and I’m currently working on planning the first months of 2021 already. This will help me to have some time for a side-project I started in January 2020, an ambient-focused radio show called “Nostalgia Del Futuro” on Milan-based platform

Other than that, I’ve been recording mixes for a few podcast channels and played for some selected video streaming platforms like HÖR.

What’s the situation for you in Italy right now?

2020 – Disclan salerno

Well, as you can imagine it’s not positive, the whole industry is stuck and more or less the Country itself too. It will take a long time to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but despite this, we all have to stay positive and accept that’s our life right now. Everyone want very much want to be back in clubs and feel that unique feeling of freedom that only the dancefloor can provide, but health comes first and partying with a mask is not partying anyways.

In the meantime, I hope this streaming madness will slow down, things are going out of control…there’s way too much content out there right now IMHO.

2015 – Berlin, with MCDE at Record Loft
2015 – Berlin, with MCDE at Record Loft

When and where did you started djing and how has it evolved over the time?

It was back in 2005 in my hometown Gaeta, in Italy. My brother was a deejay so everything started in the easiest and more imaginable way possible: one day I asked him to show me how the setup works. In the beginning, it was just a way to discover what my brother was doing but it exploded afterwards. I remember he had one direct drive Gemini PT-1000, one belt drive turntable and a Reloop 2-channel mixer. Maybe not the best setup but looked like gold!

As I come from a small sea-side town, my deejaying path evolved once I got the chance to go and attend more events and festivals across Italy and abroad, where I met more experienced people who introduced me to new music and new artists.

Are there certain people / crews / places / clubs that had an early impact on you?

A first turning point for me was attending Sónar Festival in 2011 and then living in Barcelona for some months between 2012 and 2013. It opened my eyes on a lot of music and artists I didn’t know.

Then of course the “Big Bang” was moving to Berlin in 2015, where I got to know and be regularly in touch with amazing people and step by step managed to become part of that (underground) scene I only heard about before. I won’t put down a list of names because it would be maybe too long, but a very special mention goes to my friend Enzo Elia who played and still plays a big crucial role on both personal and artistic levels.

2020 – with Enzo

What are your projects for the next time?

It’s really hard to say what’s next, pretty much everyone is navigating by sight. For sure I’m really looking forward to play a proper club gig again and hopefully reschedule my first gigs in Paris and Barcelona which were supposed to happen some months ago.

Last but not least, together with my longtime friend and colleague Gàfas I’m trying to work on some tracks. Let’s see how it goes!


  1. Farrah Boulé – Mother Of Mantras [Rush Hour]

  2. Ex-Terrestrial – Vanilight (Priori Rezone) [NAFF]

  3. Space Ghost – New World Energy (Sunset Mix) [Tartelet Records]

  4. Dawit – Level 7 [Rhythm Section International]

  5. Cosmic Garden – Nature Spirits [Cosmic Rhythm]

  6. Keita Sano – Old System [Turbocapitalism]

  7. Marco Passarani – Good Split [Running Back]

  8. Armando – 151 [Hot Mix 5 Records]

  9. Palms Trax – Late Jam [Lobster Theremin]

  10. Gnork – One Point Two [Blind Jacks Journey]

  11. DJ Sprinkles – Grand Central, Pt. I (Deep Into The Bowel Of House) (MCDE Bassline Dub) [Mule Musiq]

  12. Dujin & Douglas ft. Berenice van Leer – Stray [Another Earth]

  13. Basic Soul Unit – Swept Up [Nonplus Records]

  14. Future Beat Alliance – Machines Can Help [FBA Recordings]

  15. Jaxe – Spaced [Dom Trojga]

  16. Donato Dozzy – 12H.5 (Remix) [Spazio Disponibile]

  17. Project Pablo – Software [Verdicchio Music Publishing]

  18. Orion 70 – Enki (Orion’s Genesis Mix) [Deep Blak]

  19. Commodity Place – Solis (passEnger Soil Of Venus Mix) []

  20. Ian O’Brien – Music Comes From Within [Neroli]