Library Music Special with Cover

Uncanny Valley · UV Funk 064: Library Music Special with Cover

As Philipp told his good friend Cover about his plan to screen the Library Music Film in the fine local boutique cinema Thalia, the Dresden DJ-force wasn’t only interested in watching the movie but also in contributing a mix to the project. That was very fitting as the digger with a never-ending passion for discovering new music has just lately dived deep into the inexhaustible vastness of library music. Therefore, it was a great opportunity to compile some of his latest findings and favorite records from the genre. The result is a trip into the wonderful world of library music under the name of “Bibliothèque électronique”.

Philipp: Hey Cover, thanks for your mix. What is it that you’re so fascinated about Library Music?

Cover: To me as a DJ (and sharing parts of collectors habits) it is a very interesting field to explore. Most of the music is unknown to the public due to the fact, that those records were never available commercially and thus were inaccessible for the average consumer. The music (often just sketches or soundscapes, rather than actual song structures) was produced as possible soundtrack for film, TV or stage production spanning through all genres and sounds you can think of.

Another aspect is, that it´s almost solely instrumental music, (except for the 60/70 Scat Jazz pieces outta Italy e.g – another vast field…).

The amount of music that has been (and probably still is) produced is mind-boggling and seems sheer endless. Imagine it being like a parallel dimension in music with some of the most weird, fascinating and compelling “pieces” manifested on a physical medium.

The reasons for producers or samplers to be drawn into this cosmos is obvious, but I’m not sharing the talent 🙂

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The show was aired on October 18 2019.