Latvia Special with Lukas

Uncanny Valley · UV Funk 072: Latvia Special with Lukas

Baltic Power for the new UV Funk show. Being one of the most dedicated music lovers in Dresden Lukas from the Zepter Crew delights us with an acoustic tour through Latvia. Be prepared for new favorites like NSRD, an avantgarde New Wave outfit that was formed in 1982. The group’s activities included not only music but also performances video installations, photography and video art. Or the fellow band Gadi Pirms Sākuma, that created a very unique version of Coldwave and Neue Musik. Both Bands were part of Riga’s DIY scene of the 1980s and 1990s, often borrowing gear from colleagues for their recordings. There’s a lot to discover here. For advanced listening hop over to Zepter’s Youtube channel where some of the records are uploaded.

19 Gadi Pirms Sākuma