Euro 2020 Special with Gunnar, Conrad and Philipp

Uncanny Valley · Uncanny Valley Radio 079 - Euro 2020 Special with Gunnar, Conrad and Philipp

Even if the organizations behind it sometimes make professional football unbearable, the fun of the game is still there for Philipp. Having already done a special for Uncanny Valley Radio on the occasion of the last World Cup, he invited UV Radio regular guests Conrad and Gunnar to record a new special for EURO 2020, which for well-known reasons took place in 2021. The rules: Everyone gets eight countries from the field of participants and has to pick a nice song from each country. The result is a fun show with 24 not so typical football anthems.


  • Italy: Nu Guinea – Disco Sole

  • Turkey: Altin Gün – Tatli Dile Güler Yüze

  • North Macedonia: Bastion – Deca Sunca

  • Croatia: Digitron – Digital Minds

  • Österreich: Chris Lohner – Grüne Witwe

  • Czech Republic: ORM, Kamelie ‎– Tropic

  • Germany: Die Linienrichter – Olé Alemania

  • Spain: Joan Bibiloni – The Boogie

  • Russia: N. Sokolov – Сафари (Safari)

  • Ukraine: OMFO – Tixi Rock

  • Wales: Tomos – Count The Seconds

  • Slovakia: Dežo Ursiny & Provisorium – The Water Tower

  • France: Bernard Fevre – That Is To Be

  • Scotland: Linkwood & Other Lands – Meet in the Middle

  • Poland: Andrzej Mikołajczak – Tori

  • Netherlands: Arp Frique feat Orlando Julius – Kamajo

  • Portugal: Lena D'Agua – Tudo Bem (Remix)

  • Belgium: Autumn - The Third Autumn

  • Finland: Oiling Boiling – Cyclops Dance

  • Sweden: Prins Emanuel – Aquarius

  • England: 52nd Street – Express

  • Switzerland: Yello – Swing

  • Hungary: Gelka – When You Gotta Go You Gotta Go

  • Denmark: Emile – The Black Spider