Chino’s video for his very own “Autostrada”

After the Kolaps EP on shtum, the Uncanny Valley crew is stoked to present a new bright chapter of the Polish-German friendship which resulted in Chino’s AUTOSTRADA. The musician, graphic wizard and all around good guy from Kraków carved four raw and gloomy soul anthems out of his machines to create a record that features a wide range of music which is still connected by a common feeling.

AUTOSTRADA isn’t just a hard-rocking Electro track in its own right but also an aural reminiscence to the long but fun hours Chino spent on Autobahnen or Autostradas to drive to gigs, for instance at Uncanny Valley’s home base Dresden. With DYSCYPLINA, he turns to a wave/EBM approach. The result is a track that encourages anything but disciplined behaviour on the dance floor.CARABO CRUISE on the other hand is his take on Italo anthems, but with a special Chino-touch that is impossible to resist. Think of sunrises in industrial areas. Finally, we got ALWERNIA which is heavily inspired by dark sci-fi movies. If Tarkowski met a bunch of 24-Hour-Party-Robots, this could be the soundtrack.


  • A1. Autostrada

  • A2. Dyscyplina

  • B1. Carabo Cruise

  • B2. Alwernia