Carl Suspect interview and mix for EDWIN

In his new mix and an interview for EDWIN, Carl Suspect provides insights into his musical visions and his work for Uncanny Valley. He provides insights into the label and shares a few secrets that you might not have known before.

As Carl Suspect does nothing without a distinctive thought, he has prepared a mix for The EDWIN Music Channel that he describes like this: “I immediately had two ideas. First, I wanted to incorporate spoken word segments to provide context to the mix. Secondly, I aimed for the entire mix to have the feel of a tape you'd record for friends or your secret crush.”

His exploratory journey features music by artists like Uncanny Valley boy Jacob Stoy, UK legends Two Lone Swordsmen, mythical jazz icon Miles Davis, and exclusive material of his latest project Crude Fact, all blend together in a journey music style.

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Carl Suspect
Carl Suspect Mix for EDWIN
EDWIN · № 122 - Carl Suspect


  • 01. Planetary Assault Systems - Cassette Intro(Ostgut Ton)
  • 02. Carl Suspect - It's Still Red (unreleased)
  • 03. Jacob Stoy - HHM (Uncanny Valley)
  • 04. Qlowski – Interlude [02/11/1975](Feel It Records)
  • 05. Humanoid - Laughing Box (Rephlex)
  • 06. Allen Ginsberg reads Howl
  • 07. Shifted - Several Instances (Avian)
  • 08. Topdown Dialectic - Vol. 2 A2 (Peak Oil)
  • 09. Parris - Dusty Glass Bubbles (3024)
  • 10. Refused - The Refused Party Program Intro (Burning Heart Records)
  • 11. Miles Davis - Pharaoh's Dance (Columbia)
  • 12. Edgar Froese speaking
  • 13. Duval Timothy - Cold Is Coming (I Should Care Records)
  • 14. Matthias Schuster - Atemlos (Konkurrenz Schallplatten)
  • 15. Two Lone Swordsmen - Tiny Reminder No.1 (Warp Records)
  • 16. Die Letzten Ecken - Der Ritter (Billo Tonträger)
  • 17. Crude Fact - Untitled Demo (unreleased)
  • 18. Brian Eno And The Words Of Rick Holland - Fierce Aisles Of Light (Warp Records)
  • 19. Todd Rundgren - Intro (Bearsville)
  • 20. Saga & Mei Lwun – Def Con 2.01 (OM Records)
  • 21. Kluentah - Der Wuestensohn (Public System Recordings)
  • 22. HIA & Biosphere - The Rotunda (Headphone)
  • 23. Nabihah Iqbal - Elvis (self released)
  • 24. Magnús Jóhann & Skúli Sverrisson - Umboðsmaður almættisins (Reykjavík Record Shop)
  • 26. Maurice Lecoeur - Le Soleil Qui Rit Rouge (Transversales Disques)